Our embossed markers are made from 316 “marine” grade (A4) stainless steel, which possesses excellent corrosion resistance.

Embossing stainless steel leaves a clear mark that can withstand the everyday impacts and scratching that occur in a harsh working environment. They also have excellent resistance to oil, dirt, most chemicals and UV, and can cope with extremes of heat. This makes them particularly useful in marine or harsh industrial environments, where you can be sure they will not fade or become illegible.

There are two types of marker. One designed to be attached using a stainless steel cable tie and the other using stainless rivets or screws.

We emboss the markers with your required text. With orders where the markers are varied we present them in a folder so it is easy to select the marker you require.

Email us a spreadsheet, or other acceptable data source, showing the different markers and the required quantity of each and we can quickly turn them into a set of stainless steel markers and despatch them to anywhere in the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive some sample markers.

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